We have several furniture items that are being built for our new office from salvaged trees around our city that would otherwise be destroyed (dutch elm disease). The diseased bark is removed and the perfectly good wood is then made into a variety of furniture and art pieces. The furniture assemblies are fairly basic (wood boards, metal connectors, shop applied adhesives(maybe), but the company would not likely be testing the furniture to ANSI/BIFMA standards. In a way, the furniture is salvaged but not as a complete assembly. As such, the wood is fairly pure in that it wouldn't be composite wood, but would be less than a year old too. Is there any way we can apply this furniture to the Low Emitting Materials credit as salvaged and inherently non-emitting without testing standards? It could be possible that it makes up for only 10% of furniture for the project with the other 90% complying, however we would like to include it if possible. Does anybody have any similar situations with salvaged wood furniture in a v4 project? Thanks.