We have a manufacturing campus and are assessing a new office block within that campus. Within this block there are large toilet and shower facilities that will be used by everyone on the entire site. Therefore I have calculated the FTE for the entire site. This has been submitted for preliminary review and GBCI had no issue with that. Since that review the client informs me of a new project within the campus that they would like to use LEED on.

The people who will be using the second building are already included within the FTE of the first building, as they will be using the facilities within the offices. Therefore when we come to calculate the FTE of the second building for Wep1, I was going to put the actual staff number. My worry is that we are double counting the toilet and showers facilities over 2 projects and if that will cause an issue? But understand that we need to include actual facilities used for start getting credits?

Any help is much appreciated.