We are working on a LEED for Schools 2007 version project. (Yes, I know I"m posting this under the LEED v2009 Schools, but there isn't a section of LEED USER which allows you to search on older versions. This is the only thing I know to do.)

Having said that, here's my question. I understand that LEED S 2007 calculates FTEs according to faculty, visitors, and students- but only students above the 3rd grade should be counted in the SS4.2 Bikes and Showers.

However, other FTE dependent credits, such as Water Use Reduction, use all building FTEs including younger students below the 3rd grade. That seems to be fairly clear, but yet it also says FTEs should be consistent across all credits. This seems like a contradiction to me.

Has anyone else run across this particular issue?