We would appreciate some clarity regarding the calculation of FTE. We recently submitted for a v2009 O+M project which is a factory with a Ten Hour Shift and a 6 days a week working. We submitted calculations for FTE using the 10 hours per day divided by 8 as per the formula given for FTE calculation in the BD+C guide. We checked in O+M guide, it is the same. We received a query asking us to revise our calculations for considering a 60 hour work week. As per our calculation our 750 occupants became 750 X 10 /8= 938. Now as per reviewer, 750 X 60/40 = 1125.

The only part where this affects us the most is the Water Performance Calculations for Indoor plumbing and fitting efficieny. If we go by what the reviewer says, we feel that occupants will get double counted. As there is already a column asking us for the Total number of Annual Working days and that value is included in the calculations.

There is no other credit where the FTE is used. The Award of the Indoor Plumbing Fitting efficiency credit is also on hold due to this. I saw an earlier discussion where Tristan has said the we should go with per day FTE calculations and not the weekly method. We went through various addendas and still couldn't find anything with clarity on this. What do you think would be the best way to proceed.