Our LEED ND-Plan Project has a few Large Lots, on which there are three or four buildings planned at the edges of the lots and in the center a large public square. There are wide pathways between the buildings, linking the square to the larger circulation network. This was planned in order to improve the walkability of the neighborhood, allowing pedestrians to "cut through" the middle of a lot, instead of walk around it. According to item c,  I have calculated that more than 80% of the building facades are within 300 mm of a planned sidewalk. However, in items a. and b. the facades of each building that face outward are within 5.5 meters of the property line, but the facades facing the inner public square are at a much greater distance from the property line, and therefore the project does not qualify for these items. I suspect I might be calculating this item wrong because it seems the project could get more points by placing one large building on the entire lot, thereby causing all the facades to be 5.5 meters from the property line and at the same time all facades adjacent to a sidewalk. But that would be way less walkable for pedestrians who have to circumvent the whole block. 

Is there a different way to calculate the items in this credit for buildings that are flush with the circulation network even within larger property lines?

thanks so much for any help!