I'm working on a grocery project that includes custom installations (oddly falls under furniture, I guess) that require food-safe surfaces. Our current spec is for UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene, which is a common FDA-compliant material (e.g., cutting boards). It's durable, withstands low/high temps, is easily machinable, etc. But after several calls to manufacturers, I'm not finding any CDPH general emissions test results. There will obviously be LOTS of cutting boards in this grocery store that will not be covered under LEED. But as it stands, this installed scenario is not technically complying as a low-emitting material.

Are there emissions concerns with this type of plastic?

If not, could we submit a CIR to exempt food-safe materials in a grocery setting? Or some other (easier) work-around?

THANKS, Jared.