Does the flooring category for Option 1 Threshold path include the same materials as LEED v2009 did?  All flooring adhesives, coatings, sealers, grout, etc.?  In Table 5 of the reference guide, it lists fluid and trowel-applied adhesives and grout (full spread only).  But, it does not mention floor coatings under "Includes", but then mentions it in "Calculations"?  Table 5 is confusing the "categories" for me.  Same issue with the "ceilings, walls, insulation" category, is wall paint included in this category as well as "Paints and coating"? 

Now venting . . . I find this credit it's categories incredibly confusing . . . Especially where materials overlap "categories".  Table 5 appears to apply to Option 2 Budget Method, and not Option 1.  Where is the table for Option 1 that lists all the materials included and excluded in each category?