Hello, the existing threads about calculating FTEs and peak occupants for fire stations do not seem to arrive at the same solution, and I haven't found any specific to v4, so I appreciate any guidance from the hive.  We have 24 employees working a 24-hour shift, with an assumed one-hour overlap of the next shift's 24 employees, plus 3 employees working a standard 40-hour week/5 days per week.  For FTE this would appear to be 24 people x 3 eight-hour shifts = 72 FTE plus 3 people working 1 eight-hour shift each for a total FTE of 75.  However, the peak occupants would only be 51: 24 people clocking out while the next 24 people clock in (48 for the shift change overlap), plus the 3 people working 9 am - 5 pm, assuming the shift change happens at some point during their work day. One extra wrinkle: we have a training center that holds 20 visitors, we are assuming occasional half-day training sessions so we are calculating 20 at the peak moment and 10 for FTE [(20 x 4)/8].  Does this approach sound accurate? 

For LTc6 we will use the employee peak occupancy (including shift change overlap) for the long term bike rack count, and we will use the visitors for the short term.  Either way we have the minimum racks required so that credit isn't a big concern, I'm more interested to know if this is the correct calculation for the indoor water credits.