Hi LEEDusers.. I am new here and would like to hear any of your feedback on below. I understand that the facade or building envelope/enclosure of a building plays a role on EA and MR. Given that the location, typology and use of facade was defined in the OPR and project design intent, my questions are: 1. Do anyone have an experience where the facade step up and beyond to help secure LEED certification?.. i.e. presents a substitution request for a product or design that helps gaining more points contributed to LEED points? 2. For the facade that can contribute to EA, MR and daylight and views and other credits: do you know how many points can the facade alone can contribute to the LEED points (assuming the facade will be done as per design intent and commissioned)? I am currently working with a curtainwall design, engineering, manufacture and installation company and am planning to start a case study or more of like a research on how we can improve the facade role for projects aiming for LEED certification. Will appreciate any of your feedback. Thank you. Rgrds, Leo