Hi all,

I'm looking at this past thread on the v4 Low-Emitting credit and how to account for exterior doors: https://leeduser.buildinggreen.com/forum/metal-door-factory-finished-met...

I am wondering if anyone has insight into how these products are being reviewed in v4.1. Understood that the assembly calculation option is gone in favor of the simpler 75% overall budget.

I'm hoping to earn this category on a project where all interior products in the category meet the standards. The exterior doors and windows are pretty typical curtainwall and thermal doors: factory-finished aluminum frame with rubber gaskets/thermal breaks plus a vinyl weather strip on the door frame and rails. None of these components has been tested to CDPH, but of course the glass and aluminum are inherently non-emitting.

Would it make sense to calculate the glass area as 100% compliant and then the aluminum frame areas as 100% noncompliant, since the frames include the organic components? 

Or are the organic components considered part of the waterproofing layer and exempt? 

Or is GBCI only accepting whole assemblies that have been tested to CDPH?