I am going to certify a shopping center and I have two questions:

1) Its façade uses recessed volumes to create movement and interesting angles, interposing façade panels at different distances. Some of the recessed volumes have less than half meter distance from the next façade panel. I would like to know if these walls that link the façade panels (and vary around 1 metre to 0,20 metres) have to be considered in the LPD calculation of the building façade (item 9.4.5 of ASHRAE 90.1-2007), or if I could just consider the elevation in a 2D plan to do it, since the walls have a small size.

2) There is a tower in the shopping center that will receive decorative exterior lighting to stand out from the rest of the construction. This is a marketing strategy, so I was wondering if it could be considered advertising signage and consequently, an exception in the item 9.4.5 of ASHRAE 90.1-2007, in terms of exterior lighting power allowance compliance.