Our project is trying to implement the credit EQc1 but are having issues regarding entryway system in entrances to our smaller tenants. The building is an existing one which are undergoing a major renovation where smaller business is being included like a florist or a hairdresser. In order to give extra life and quality to the building which will have a surgery, senior care home, geriatric care unit ie.

We, as the owner has

  1. no right to design in detail the tenant entrances and impose costs of weekly maintenance. We will install outdoor scraping grid (length 1 meter) but can not force the tenants to include an interior door matt (2 meter).
  2. the tenant spaces is also rather small and a there is not enough space anyway for an interior entryway system

Can we be excluded from the requirement regarding the small tenant entrances? I have also sent a question to the LEED coach.