As projects develop analyses of different building materials for projects one would suspect that within a firm, these would be re-used both for sustainability purposes and already vetting products being used. In time, does anyone envision these analyses would be aggregated in a way similar to EPD's and LEED data sheets area so that they are universally available to project teams without exhaustive research and analysis? In a world where competition is the norm, is this an applicable area (i.e. sustainability as a motive) where we can cooperate with each other as professionals and share information rather than withold it?  I'm curious to hear other people's thoughts on this as our firm barely has time to research this, but I know many firms do not have the overhead or fee on projects to support this effort. It would be the great "trickle down" and sharing of information that would do the world oh so much good if we can all work together in this effort.