This may be an obvious answer, but it seems a little vague to me. The credit contains the following language:

During the conceptual or schematic design phases:
1. Engage an Ergonomist or Health and Safety Specialist to assist in the development of the ergonomics strategy
2. Make a commitment to integrate ergonomics principles into the overall design

If your project is using a separate FF&E design process from the architectural process (say a separate RFP from the rest of the project), does the phrase "conceptual or schematic design phases" refer to the conceptual phase of the FF&E design process or is this referring to the architectural design process of the building as a whole. Also, does the term "overall design" in item 2 above refer to the architectural design process or the FF&E design process?

If the credit is referring to integrating ergonomics into the overall ARCHITECTURAL design of the building, are there standards or references/guidelines for how to do this?