Hello All--
I have two associated questions:

Part 1: I'm working on a project in which a previously open arcade is being enclosed and am wondering about how to calculate envelope area. The exterior-most elements were previously not envelope per-se, but now are. In addition, the walls that were previously exterior walls have been demo'd (as an aside, were they to have remained, they would not be categorized as structural interior walls as they were infill and not load bearing). I assume that the walls that are now the envelope would not be included in the existing calc, but would be included in the reused calc and the now demo'd once-exterior walls would be included in existing and not in reused.

Part 2:
Some of the demo'd once exterior wall has been used to infill openings in other areas of the project. Would this amount of material be incorporated in MRc1 as reused area or does that need to be reused in situ?

Thanks for your thoughts!