Marcus wrote this in the forum relative to CI-v4 EAp2: "Projects outside the US are not required to produce a Target Finder score".

Is that valid for BD+C as well?

If it isn't, I would have to produce a narrative, according to the form:

Target Finder results are intended to provide an indication of projected savings but do not affect prerequisite compliance. These values will be
compared to projected savings as demonstrated by the energy model.

Variances of more than 10% will be flagged and a justification narrative will be required. Use the Target Energy Performance Results calculator on the
ENERGY STAR website to generate the values.

Can I find some source of data in order to see average energy consumption for some uses in buildings (in particular, restaurant and supermarket)?

If the energy is divided in end uses (heating, cooling, process...) it would be much more useful.

I remember some tables in ASHRAE guidelines, but I am not able to find that.

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