We have a Green Building Council in Australia that has a very advanced energy simulation methodology that achieves the same outcomes as the ASHRAE 90.1 process outlined in LEED. It is also well aligned to local requirements for demonstrating compliance with local codes. Our project (a stadium) now needs to create numerous energy models to essentially demonstrate the same thing by different methodologies creating an inordinate amount of extra work for no useful output.

It wouldn't be hard to use the Green Building Council of Australia's energy modelling methodology and adjust the points scale to match LEED and thus allow Australian projects to follow the GBCA Method instead of ASHRAE 90.1.

Has anyone successfully done this in other countries - to use a more appropriate local methodology instead of ASHRAE 90.1 get the LEED energy points? If so keen to understand how we can develop a conversion process to convince the USGBC to agree! (would save a huge amount of modelling work whilst ensuring the outcomes are still met).