Dear All,

We are currently working in a project of a retail building with the following characteristics:

  • sales area located, mainly, below ground (level -1);
  • car parking located below the sales area (levels -2 and -3).
  • the roof over the sales area:
    • is levelled with the surrounding grounds and almost indistinguishable from it;
    • fully accessible to pedestrian workers and visitors, without stairs or any other type of barrier (just a very low slope ramp);
    • is mostly a greenroof;
  • floor-Area Ratio of the project slightly less than 1,5.

According to LEED Credits Site Development – Protect or Restore Habitat and Open Space, only projects that achieve a FAR larger than 1,5 can include compliant roof areas in the calculations of restored area and activated area.

The question is: do you think that compliant areas of the roof above sales area can be eligible for these credits ? As the roof is mainly a green roof, levelled with surrounding grounds indistinguishable from it and fully accessible I think if should be but I would like to be sure.

Thanks in advance