We are modelling for LEED C&S 2009. The project has 26 floor type of mixed-use offices. My question is about the Minimum Energy Perfomance credit form (EAp2). We're going to use elevators with regenerative braking and we don't know how to describe this on the form and how to prove the elevator's efficiency during certification process.

1. Do we model the savings acquired using elevators with regenarative braking in section 1.7 - Exceptional Calculation Measure Summary? If so, is it necessary to do some kind of benchmarking that demonstrates this technology hasn't been used in the past 5 years on similar buildings, in the same location?

2. How can we prove the efficiency of elevators in use regarding to elevators without regenative braking? Do we need to do some kind of measurement in the place or manufacturer datasheets is enough? A simulation based on VDI 4707 standard, provided by the manufacturer, can prove it?