Hi all!

My case: I have two projects, “X” and “Y”, next to each other. A garage is being built beneath X, but it serves both X and Y and is co-owned. Since it is physically under X we include it in the LEED project boundary for X, include it in energy calculations, ventilation etc. But the spaces are not dedicated to one project or the other, they are for all building users in X and Y together.

For SSc4.3 (we have chosen electric charging stations) and for SSc4.4, is it enough to show compliance for the garage as a total? 3 % of the total parking capacity will have charging, we will not exceed zoning requirements for the amount of parking spaces together and another 5 % of the total capacity will be for car-pooling. LI 2076 suggests that it would be ok, Any other evidence?

The projects are unwilling to assign electric charging stations and car-pooling spaces to X and Y since people move between X and Y and all is owned together. We could do some spaces off-site for Y but it wouldn’t serve any purpose.

Thanks for your input!