Hello Tristan,

My team has had a bit of a challenge trying to find "like" manufacturing buildings that are conditioned. Our building does not qualify for an Energy Star Score due to the nature of manufacturing water pumps. While researching possible options, we came across the Addendum updates, which may help us a little. However, we need to be able to reference this for the GBCI Reviewers though. When I look at the USGBC 2010/11/12/13 Addenda, it still states 'A full 12 months of continued measured energy data is required'. I cannot find it referenced:

LEED for existing buildings v2009 - 04/14/2010 – 07/18/2010
LEED for existing buildings v2009 - 04/14/2010 – 07/18/2010

Under the credit specific language, I found: http://www.usgbc.org/node/1731052?return=/credits/existing-buildings/v2009:
'Option 2c. Energy baseline including historical data plus comparable buildings (up to 18 points in Eac1)

In addition to the historical data used in Option 2b, provide energy use data for at least 3 other buildings with similar uses over at least a 2-year period to determine the “average energy performance of a similar building” in Portfolio Manager. Enter this data into the offline calculator.


Achieve energy efficiency performance better than the minimum requirements listed above; points are awarded according to the table below.

Have energy meters that measure all energy use throughout the performance period of all buildings to be certified. Each building’s energy performance must be based on actual metered energy consumption for both the LEED project and all comparable buildings used for the benchmark. A full 12 months of continuous measured energy data is required.

Calibrate meters within the manufacturer’s recommended interval if the building owner, management organization or tenant owns the meter. Meters owned by third parties (e.g., utilities or governments) are exempt.

Use the Portfolio Manager tool available on the ENERGY STAR website to benchmark the project even if it is not eligible for an EPA rating: http://www.energystar.gov/benchmark.'

'Benchmark change. With EAp2: Minimum Energy Efficiency Performance, there has been a subtle change in wording to the benchmark requirement. Twelve months of metered data is required for the building being certified, but not for comparable buildings being used as a benchmark.'

Your help is appreciated.