Hello, I have a question about the EB certification process since it is my first job having work on O+M project. I would be very thankful if I would be able to get any answer on it here.

We currently have a LEED v4 EB initial certification project for a 20 stories building, and construction activities for 3 stories are being conducted for replacing Air Handling Unit (AHU) and area extention which is supposed to be finished in May 2018. However, my client wants to make a quick step on the LEED certification procedure and get the certification before the construction is ended.

In this case, would it be possible to go through the certification process with the previous data before the AHU is replaced? My understanding is that performance period should be recorded after the construction because lots of things are being replaced during the construction and it may affect prerequisite/credit.

Thank you for your consideration in advance!