I am working on a New Construction project - a community center, certifying under LEED v4. 

I am pretty new with LEED projects and trying to identify whether the HVAC systems meet this credit.

The project has two types of systems Fan coil system - Carrier 25HCC548A003 & FV4CNF005L00 and spilt system - RAV-SP-180KRT-UL &  RAV-SP-180AT2UL.

I am struggling with following things to complete LEED online calculator:

 Qunit (tons),

Rc (lb/tons)

I tried looking on spec/cut sheet and was able to pull up Rc which is somewhere 3.1 and 4.8 and I am wondering whether I am interpreting this correctly or have to run some numbers?

Also, I do not know how to find Qunits?

any help will be greatly appreciable.