We have a project opting to get the maximum 19 credit points in EAc1. The project is being served by a District Cooling Plant.

If the project will use the DES Option 1 (Downstream Equipment only) which limits the project to 10 points, can we still get the 19 points for EAc1 by providing a lot of renewables (Solar PV and Thermal Systems) to maximize energy savings.
This strategy was not clearly defined in DES Guideline and thus checking this out here in LEED User.

If we push the project to Net Zero (LEED Platinum by Default), How will the DES Guideline be used for maximizing the LEED Credit Points just by using DES Option 1?

Ref: Treatment of District or Campus Thermal Energy in LEED V2 and LEED 2009 – Design and Construction

Will the approach still be the same for LEED V4?