We are doing a major renovation of a 49,200 gross sf building. According to the LEED 2009 reference guide, EA prerequisite #1, the CxA may be a qualified person on the design team who has the required experience. In our case, we have the another qualified mechanical engineer from the same firm, other than the energy modeler acting as a CxA for the prerequisite. If we want to pursue the EA -3 Enhanced commissioning credit, why can't the same person be the CxA for EA-3 ? Why hire a new CXA for enhanced commissioning?
Everyone is telling me that the USGBC ruling does not allow this and we have to have a different CxA performing both the fundamental and enhance commissioning, or a different CxA for performing enhanced Commissioning other than the fundamental CxA. It does not make sense. Some one please advise me on this issue.