We are currently preparing the drawings to submit to USGBC. Our project is a multi-occupancy large-scaled project; therfore, there are many other consultants to work on the project, and we have to include drawings prepared by 2 different landscape architects in a set for SSc7.2. 

As they are different entities, the drawings are separately prepared, areas by areas, according to their scope of works. Also, it seems to be usual for them to have separate drawings for hardscape and softscape, and as a result, there are 1. Hardscape dwgs by A firm, 2. Softscape dwgs by A firm, 3. Hardscape dwgs by B firm, and 4. Softcape dwgs by B firm.

I would like to see if we can have 4 separate drawings for submission - each drawing is neatly colored or hatched indicating finishes, plants, etc., instead of having all drawing overlaied. Since the project is large-scaled, if we have all of them overlaid, it becomes really hard to see what finishes are. 

Thank you for your time in advance and I very much look forward to your advice.