Dear all,

I am currently carrying out an energy performance calculation of a mall building for LEED minimum energy performance compliance. As with most malls, there are large number of main and functional entries from outside, and therefore infiltrations. The main entries as per ASHRAE 90.1 Envelope mandatory provisions are provided with vestibules, revolving doors or air curtains (also acceptable for CZ 3). I wonder which is the right approach to address this in the energy model. Is it necessary/mandatory to include these infiltrations in the energy model? Have you done this before? in that case which method have you followed? should the revolving door motor consumption include in the energy performance? would this be significant?

Or on the contrary, can I just assume that because I am following the ASHRAE 90.1 mandatory provisions, there will be little to no infiltration?

What about the baseline building? does it have self-closing/ automatic doors? can we consider the baseline without vestibules and claim the savings?