Since hardware (locksets, closers, kickplates) is installed on a door, and a door is part of the Walls category, is hardware required in the Walls category?  I am leaning towards 'Yes", but then I wondered how far I need to break it down. 

I was considering grouping all hardware from the same manufacturer, and calling them out as compliant since they would be plated or anodized metal and thus would be inherently nonemitting sources.  But then I started to think about weather stripping or anything that might have a gasket, etc. on it and wouldn't be complete metal.  I am pretty positive I wouldn't get General Emissions certifications for those items, so maybe those "not completely metal" items get peeled away separately, are marked as non-compliant, and all the all- metal items are marked as compliant because they are inherently nonemitting sources.

We are responding to reviewer comments where some items in the MR Calculator were not included in the Low-Emitting Calculator, so anything we are adding to the Low-Emitting Calculator will only get one round of reviews - so I want to make sure I am as informed and "right" as I can be. 

Any thoughts/experience with hardware and the v4 low-emitting credit? Thanks!