I see discussion about this for NC projects indicating that basically no documentation will suffice to demonstrate compliance with a non 50/50 gender split unless it addresses "the lifespan of the building". And that may make sense for a new construction project.

However, as a CI project certifying a tenant improvement, we have also received this comment. As tenants, the lifespan of the building is not a reasonable requirement. We are only responsible for the usage patterns that correspond to the life of our lease. What the next tenant does, or the building landlord in pursuit of that tenant, is not under our control.

Since LEED acknowledges a point for a 10 year lease, we presume a reasonable period of purview is in fact 10 years or the life of the lease whichever is greater.

We believe that firm employment documentation on gender split provided for 10 years previous and 10 years projected into the future, as has been suggested on the NC forum, would actually be reasonable and sufficient to demonstrate compliance.

Has anyone else doing a CI project received this comment? Or successfully documented other than a one to one gender ratio for their tenant improvement?