Dear Everyone,

I have a question regarding to 12 m tall warehouse modeling tehnique.

Such building will have a huge temperature gradient which is crucial for the energy efficiency in that case. The smaller the better.

As example, using Baseline system type 9 stratification may be equal to 0.8-1 K/m. In such case if Thermostat setpoint in lower warehouse part is 16C the underceiling volume would be 26C. (REHVA - Energy Efficient Heating and Ventilation of Large Halls )

Comparing to radiant heating system ( some sources provide 0.2 K/m) where underceiling temperature may be 19C. It is so much difference.

My question is if it is possible to model different temperatures in Proposed and Baseline - strictly ASHRAE says about thermostat setpoints, but underceiling temperature is not controlled.

Most of the software is not capable of modeling temperature gradient. In such case we can use different average temperature for bout proposed and Baseline.

For IES it is possible to divide spaces into smaller slices and to model its setpoint using temperature gradient based on heigh and outside air temperature. So Proposed and Baseline would have different thermostat setopint functions.

Best Regards