Hi , I m looking for a  clarification on alternative compliance path for complying the prerequisite Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control under LEED v4.1 O M rating system. The project is a high rise office building , planning to pursue LEED V4.1 O M rating. As per the project owner’s HR policy, smoking in public spaces, including exteriors that are exposed to passive tobacco smoke is prohibited. Further, smoking outside the building is completely prohibited as a company’s cultural ethos.

As such, the building has provided designated smoking rooms inside the building and these rooms are located in such a way to effectively contain, capture and remove ETS from the building. Additionally, these rooms were provide with portable air purifiers with built in ionizer. These smoking rooms are also directly exhausted to the outdoors, away from air intakes and building entry paths, with no recirculation of ETS-containing air to the non-smoking areas of the building and enclosed with impermeable deck-to-deck partitions as per LEED v3 2009 requirements.

Will this be acceptable, or will there beany alternative compliance path available to achieve this precondition?