Project is LEED-NC v2009 project in which a building contains a DES that serves the project building as well as a larger adjacent building. We are using DES Option 2 (with a point floor of 6 points or 22% energy cost savings). Currently our model shows that we have earned 21.45% and we have looked at everything multiple times to get to 22% to no avail. Then we read the following note about the points floor. Does the exception apply to our project, since the building housing the DES is in fact our LEED project building, even though the DES also serves another building? See the excerpt below:
"points floor means this is the minimum number of points that can be earned in this scenario; projects seeking fewer points must use Option 1. (Exception: this points floor does not apply when the building housing the thermal energy plant is itself the LEED project building.)"