I am doing the Energy Model for G+10 Floors Office building. The total conditioned area is 575,000 Sq ft. The project is connected with District Cooling Plant and I have decided to select the Option 1, Path 1. ASHRAE 90.1–2010, Appendix G of LEED v4 BD+C .

Please clarify the following.

1. I have opted the option 1, Path 1 of DES Guidance.As per path 1, Whether the amount of chilled water (ton hours) has to be calculated by using energy simulation software for baseline and proposed case? ( i.e. Air side systems only have to be modeled in both cases to calculate the chilled water. (i.e. no need to model chillers) is it correct?)

2. Is there any requirement of actual chilled water quantity for this path 1?

3. Whether the COP is required in this path?

Please support as soon as possible.