What is the definition of a landfill in the USA?

In Mexico, we have what is called “Socavon” which is a site that has been exploited, usually with mining activities. Once the life of the mine expires then an enormous void/hole is left on the ground, known as a “Socavon”. This void, by law, can only be filled by excavation debris and/or CLEAN (not contaminated) construction or demolition debris.
This includes: demolished concrete, masonry units, bricks or similar materials.

And excludes: hazardous waste, municipal solid waste, organic waste, or any other not in the category above.

At the end of the process when the site reaches natural ground level, a minimum 8 inches of fertile organic soil material is placed and the site shall be strictly used (by law) for agriculture purposes only.

My question: Would this be considered a landfill for the purposes of LEED 2009 (MRc2)? or can it count as construction waste diversion?

Anything similar in other countries?

Thanks in advance