We have a site in Nairobi which we try to define as a greenfield or previously developed site. The site is 2km south from the City Center, on the Campus Area,between two residential areas, bordering the national park. There is no hard surfaces on the site, no roads, buildings or parking. The habitat is that of open grassland predominant with natural vegetation of grassland community with scattered saplings of bushes and small trees.
The area is not directly used by people, like a park or a urban forest, but seems not like "natural land" that never been affected by human activity at all.

We used the definitions of greenfield site and previously developed as:
- "Greenfield sites" are those that are not previously developed or graded and remain in a natural state. For projects outside the U.S. only: For the compliance path described by Case 1, rural landscapes are considered the same as greenfield sites. A rural landscape is a natural area modified by agro-forestry-pastoral activities, with environmental, aesthetic, cultural and historical values resulting from the interrelationship between its physical and biological aspects and traditional human activities.

- "Previously developed areas" are those that previously contained buildings, roadways, parking lots or were graded or altered by direct human activities.

The ecologist define the area as "greenfield site" and the local landscape architects define it as "previously developed".

What to do?