I am confused as to what I should do for my calculations. My office has interior partition walls that separates rooms from other rooms with windows. These partitions, however, have panes of glass installed within them so that you can still see the windows. My wording may be confusing so please refer to the picture of the below link:


The picture is a little dark but what you see is an office room with a window within it. The wall of that office separates the room from the hallway. You can see there's a large pane of glass glass so that you can see into the office, thus you can see the window. There is then another wall which is my office. Again a large pane glass within a wall so you can see into the hallway, into the next office, out the window. How should I treat this for the IEQc8.1 credit? Should I treat is as if there is no wall between me, the hallway, and the next office?