We're working on a case of a building complex that aims to achieve a LEED certification within some years. The complex is a sanctuary, and it includes several hospitality buildings and a shrine. It's located on top of a hill on a unique landscape surrounded by forests and mountains, so obviously you get quality views wherever you look at.
The problem comes when measuring daylight and quality views to meet the requirements of this credit. The shrine is very big, and it includes several underground chapels, that may represent 50% of the regularly occupied area. Since it was designed as a place for pray and intimacy, it has few windows which are made of alabaster (which means no views, and diffuse natural light). Due to the particular use of this building, we cannot change its architecture to make bigger windows.

When time comes to undergo the LEED certification, will this be regarded as an exception due to its particular use? Or if the shrine and chapels represent over 50% of the regularly occupied area there's no way we can get this credit?

Thank you!