1. Our development is having 767.47 sqm of supporting offices and 21,340.69 sqm of data center related area. Based on the COMNET Commercial Buildings Energy Modelling Guidelines and Procedures dated 22 December 2014 at page 165, it is stipulated at section 7.1.3 Data Centers – Data Center HVAC Systems that “Either System 3 (PSZ-AC) or system 4 (PSZ-HP) shall serve the data center”. By this definition, hence our baseline HVAC systems for data centers are will be using system 4. Is our understanding correct?
  2. We notice there is another alternative compliance path for LEED for Core and Shell projects which revised the point thresholds for EAp2 and EAc1 based on the owner-influenced energy percentage (http://www.usgbc.org/resources/cs-2009-eap2-c1-acp). It is anticipated that tenant-influenced energy at our development will be at the range of 70%, which mostly is from their IT load. Hence if we are using the revised point thresholds for EAp2 and EAc2. The scale points will be as following – Prereq at 4%; 3 pts at 6.4%; 4 pts at 7.2%; 5 pts at 8% and so on. Is our methodology is correct?