We are working on a project that has this requirement in the contract:

"Credit MR 7: Provide a minimum of 50 percent (by cost) of wood-based materials that are produced from wood obtained from forests certified by an FSC-accredited certification body to comply with FSC STD-01-001, "FSC Principles and Criteria for Forest Stewardship."

We are an FSC certified shop. However, each product we ship will not be FSC certified as we will only meet the 50% by cost requirement. (ie: we will mix FSC and NONFSC material to create a finished cabinet) Therefore the product will not shop FSC certified. But for the submittals, we can complete the MCDS sheets by MATERIAL (not product) and show that we met the 50% by cost FSC requirement and submit our supplier invoices showing THEIR COC # and fsc CLAIM and dollar value for material. If we, as the manufacturer who is changing the product prior to install, do not ship the items as FSC certified but follow above procedure be able to meet this requirement ? It also appears important for reasons I do not understand that we INSTALL the product to be able to meet the alternative documentation process for Architectural Millwork but we do not own install on this job. When we do, we sub it out.