Hi all,

In LEED guide page 599, example of spaces that are unoccupied includes "data center floor area". Which one of below do you think is the correct understanding of this (In our case, the main function of the floor is data hall, the rest are supporting functions, like corridors around data hall, M&E space, etc):

1. The whole floor of the floor that contain data hall is unoccupied space (so the corridors around data hall are also considered as unoccupied space), OR

2. Only data hall space is unoccupied space. Other spaces at that floor may be considered as occupied space, including corridors around data hall.

(Logically speaking, it is strange to categorize the corridors arround data hall as occupied space, as someone will pass by that corridor only if that person needs to go to data hall or to M&E space supporting data hall. However, this question is raised because in LEED Guide page 600, corridor is categorized as occupied space).

Thank you in advance.