My core and shell building is over 400K SF. The majority of which is tenant space that is NOT fit out. There is no way of knowing a typical layout given the large, varying floor plate. What has GBCI approved in terms of approach for daylighting? Do they require that you daylight in baseline and proposed for perimeter spaces? Have they defined different parameters for space that are not fit out? Do they allow daylighting to be excluded? If the project is claiming lighting savings use BA method, does this change their review of daylighting ? Please advise. 

If you are not claiming any savings related to the tenant lighting you model the lighting power density identically and don't model the daylighting controls in the baseline. This is a conservative approach. The alternative would require that you develop a typical layout for the tenant spaces and apply daylighting controls to both models since this is a mandatory provision. The later strikes me as busy work for no real effect on savings but technically it is probably how it should be addressed.

If you are claiming savings for tenant lighting through a lease agreement then I think you should be required to model the baseline daylighting controls based on a typical layout.

I am following up on a previous comment regarding daylighting for Core and Shell space that is not fit out.