Option 4 of the design features states:

Locate a main staircase to be visible from main building lobby and within 25 foot (7.5 meters) walking distance from any edge of the lobby. Ensure that no turns or obstacles prevent visibility of or accessibility to the qualifying staircase from the lobby.

Access to the majority of our building is controlled through a central gate that is situated just inside the building’s exterior. Our main stair is located immediately after this controlled entry point, a maximum of 15’-0” beyond the gate. However, due to security necessities, this means that the stair is located approximately 30’-0” from the entry vestibule. We feel that as all building users must first enter through the control gate, at which point they are presented the option of the stair within 15’-0”, the stair meets the intent of this credit. Has anyone encountered a similar situation while satisfying the credit?