Dear Leed users,

Baseline building based on ASHRAE 90.1-2010:

  1. In my case based on paragraph G3.1.2.11 and in accordance with Section due to the climate zone and the %outdoor air at full design airflow rate “my baseline building” require Heat Recovery System.
  2. Due to the climate Zone from Table G3.1.2.6A  an Economizer is not required.

My question is about the control of the heat exchanger in the baseline building. In paragraph is mentioned: “Provisions shall be made to bypass or control the energy recovery system to permit air economizer operation as required by”.

The tables of, Table and B mention about control of Economizer.

Also is in the baseline building required an economizer required or not? I mean, Table G3.1.2.6A   and tables and B seems to be in contradiction.

I am waiting gor you comments. Thanx