We are currently working on an Airport Project and would like to pursue LEED certification. As a LEED AP, I understand that for the EQp2, there must be no smoking within the building under any conditions. And Outside the building, smoking is prohibited except in designated smoking areas located at least 25 ft from all entries, etc. 

The situation is: The Airport Operator Prohibits smoking in public and would like to have an enclosed space for Meeters and Greeters (of arriving passengers) where they can smoke. They did not specifically say this is mechanicall ventilated; nonetheless we are assuming that it will be. We are also assuming that this would be a small shed-like structure built on the curbside of the main Terminal facility since meeters and greeters are not allowed inside said terminal.

The question is: How do we go about this contradiction? Can this be an exception?

Hope to hear from someone.