I'm in the process of getting 3 Campus projects Certified.  All of which are virtually the same, just with different quantities of projects included.  Each project used virtually the same building materials.  For the third campus I received the following comment:  2. The National Gypsum ProForm Brand XP Lite Joint compound and UZIN NC 886 Skim and Repair Compound have been included in the Paints and Coatings category, although they belong in the Adhesives and Sealants category. 

Neither of the previous campus reviews said this, and the second campus review told me to put the UZIN NC 886 in the paints category.  To me - joint compound is a coating.  It is not an adhesive.  It is not a sealant.  UZIN is a patch/repair material used before laying flooring, but it isn't the adhesive to keep the flooring down, nor is it a sealant for the substrate.  

What should I do with reviews that contradict themselves, and that I inherantly disagree with.  The results will impact detrimentally if I have to put the UZIN in the adhesives category for sure since it doesn't have the emissions testing.