I'm working on a project currently that requires exterior security cameras. During a review process it came up that our current Light Pollution compliant exterior lighting design might not provide enough light for the security cameras to work. The engineers have had difficulty in determining what is actually required as the camera manufacturers are hard to pin down and have previously indicated that their camers will work in low light. We received some good info from a 3rd party that indicates we need 2 footcandles for a camera to really do its job and allow you to see someone moving in a parking lot. This is a game changer as this is much greater light than what the IES would require (typically we can go as low as .2 at the darkest point and we were shooting for an average of 1 fc) for general lighting levels for this type of parking lot and building. The engineers have done some quick calc's and are confident that the LEED credit for light pollution reduction (which requires us to not exceed 80% of the lighting power densities for exterior areas and 50% for building facades ) will be impossible to obtain.
Does anyone else have any experience with this issue?