I'm working on an office project located at the top of a 3-level podium and has a 4-level basement parking. The parking slots are not solely for the office tower (office towers are the ones that pursuing LEED certification) but also for retail and other occupants. If we comply to ASHRAE 91.0-2010 "dimming lights to parking areas", all parking areas whether for retail or for office tower will be included to the requirement. With this, is it possible to provide the parking dimming lights to the area/boundary of office only considering that we will provide a barricade or a partition just to separate the office from the retail and other occupants parking spaces? Can we still comply to ASHRAE 91.0-2010?

Basically, the team already submitted a CIR if can we exempt on this requirements due to safety and security concerns on the parking. We are trying to look for an alternative way (if) once we received a response and are not allowed to be exempted on the requirement.

Thank you in advance for someone who could share their thoughts on this.