The majority of our Core & Shell warehouse projects are cold, dark shells with no tenants. We do not see a path for these projects to achieve certification at all in LEED v4 C&S. Neither does it appear that they could be certified under Warehouse, since that rating system appears to be geared for full build out NC warehouses. They simply don't have enough point opportunities available to them without a build out.

Though there are many barriers to achieving the necessary points - one of the most obvious is the BPDO Raw Materials credit where previously such a project could get credit for significant recycled content and regional materials. Now this credit explicitly limits the amount of structure and enclosure materials that can contribute to 30%. What they are building is the enclosure structure.

In 10 years, we have never had to tell a client that their project simply cannot be LEED certified. What do we tell our industrial warehouse clients with a history of certified C&S warehouse projects that are facing v4?