Is anyone aware of any explicit wording in LEEDv4 or v4.1 that explicitly states that bicycle parking needs to be provided free-of-charge? It was mention explicitly in 2009, but it appears that there is no explicit requirement for bicycle facilities to be provided free-of-charge to users in v4 or v4.1. While the intent would be to make it free-of-charge to users, I suspect that most building owners would have higher rents for office space in buildings that have bicycle end of trip facilities to cover the costs of running them.

The question comes from our office in Manila, Philippines, who have recently moved to new LEED Platiunum certified building, and it seems that access to the bicycle facilities is not included in the base tenancy rent and is an optional add-on. As such, our employees are not able to access them until it gets access gets added to the lease agreement. Essentially, we are wondering if anyone has come across a similar issue, and if anyone can point me to wording tucked away someplace in the v4 Reference Guide, or in a Credit Interpretation, that states bicycle facilities must be provided free-of-charge as part of the LEED credit?