There was a rating system correction at the end of January which seems to reduce the value of a Furniture Evaluation complying to Section 7.6.1 of ANSI/BIFMA e3 – 2011 Furniture Sustainability Standard. The correction states that Section 7.6.1 is now worth a half credit by cost and that Section 7.6.2 is worth a full credit by cost. We are just about to order furniture for a v4 project in Dublin and we need compliance with this category.
It seems to me that this means that furniture with a cert to Section 7.6.1 is now only worth 50% of the total cost of that piece of furniture. It isn’t clear in the credit language correction if this is what they mean?
The Low-Emitting Materials Calculator doesn’t work this way and is still giving both Section 7.6.1 & 7.6.2 a value of 100%. Should this be updated in the calculator or have I misunderstood the intention of this correction.